It has been quite a while since I posted a blog. I am pretty sure I could say life moves on without the bloggers ‘posting’. However, for those of you who enjoy writing you understand it is a way to sit and express what is on your heart.

About a month ago my Mother took a nasty fall in her apartment. She had terrible bruising on her face and broke her right forearm. She had caregivers come in twice a day for two weeks and they were assisting her with daily chores. It was a great help to her but after a while this independent woman began to long for solitude and not having to have people in and out all day.

So, my husband and I convinced her to come back home with us for what we thought to be about 5 days. When the time came to take her home we realized after having been with her just how much help she needed and we talked her into another week.

There are so many times in my life when I know that God has appointed a time for us to be where we are, when we are and with who we are. (Or is it whom?) Anyway, the fact is God has planned out each time in our lives and even when we feel they are unexpected times, He knows that it was planned for us.

These past two weeks have been just that for me. The joy of waking up and having coffee with my Mother every morning. Going for walks arm and arm to steady her as she is a bit off balance with the cast. Having her sit in church with us hearing God’s Word and praising Him in song. The precious outreach from my friends who came by with a kind word, banana bread or a hug. Saying good night to her every night before going to bed and knowing whenever I woke up during the night , she was just in the next room.

The icing on the cake for our time with my Mother was when the doorbell rang after church and there standing at our front door was our oldest son and his beautiful wife. They had driven 3 hours to spend the day with us having to go back that evening. What a glorious time to sit in the room between my son and daughter–in- law and my Mother on the next couch for the entirety of the rainy day.

I am so thankful that God orders my steps and plans out my days. I could never have them work in such a blessed way should I be the one to plan.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY WEEK to all of you who are Mothers! God bless you as you continue on in this noble calling in life!

PSALM 31:28-29 Her children rise up and call her blessed and her husband praises her. There are many virtuous and capable women in the world but you surpass them all!

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I want to write a special Christmas message in order to give accolades and congratulations to Tara Crooks, Starlett Henderson, Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer. They have just written and now published a book called 1001 THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT MILITARY LIFE.

I personally love picking up a great book. I love a book I can identify with and have a connection to the story line. This is a book which comes with all of those elements as well as the fact that I personally know one of the authors. Through the past few years I have watched and listened as Tara Crooks and Starlett Henderson have co-hosted Army Wife Talk Radio/Network. They have their finger on the very pulse of what military wives experience each and every day. Always looking for a way to encourage and exhort the military wife, family and military member.

This book brings me laughter and tears as I remember the way ‘it used to be’ and all the greatness of those Veterans who have gone before us. The traditions old and new brought memories to my heart and made me smile. It is now interesting to read through with many changes along the way that the military and their families are still going strong in this new world setting. The strength of the military member and their families is stronger and brighter than ever before.

It is with great joy that I highly recommend this book to as many as can read it through. It will even bring enlightenment to those who are not military related and give everyone a chance to see what things look like from the inside out.

I personally think that with the new focus from the First lady and the Second Lady on military families they should be giving one of these to every member of the Armed Forces.

Way to go military sisters! You have touched the very heart of all that is dear and true to us as the military community. I have never been more proud of you and all that you continue to do to serve those who serve!

Bless you in this endeavor and Merry Christmas!


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I still cannot get over it…. The inner strength of the military wife. It absolutely blows me away. I have just had the amazing experience of being with the ladies of the PWOC at Ft. Belvoir. Their smiles, hugs and stories will not soon be forgotten. Their ability to volunteer their time in a way that could put corporate America to shame. Their ability to lead and guide each other through times that no one should ever have to experience is beyond comprehension. The way their children see the world around them so differently than those who remain in the same hometown all their lives.

I am amazed at the military wife. The faces of their husbands are off the front pages of our newspapers right now but their behind the scenes activities are stronger than ever. They will not be forgotten!

If your church or community group has not recognized, prayed for or remembered the military family in a while, please do so this week. They are still serving with their heart and often their lives to allow others to experience freedom in our world. They are still a very vital and active part of our society even when they are not on the news every night.

NEVER FORGET! Isn’t that what we said just a few years ago? Pray for our military and their families as they continue this journey. I am still amazed at their example and their willingness to finish strong.

Father God, You are our strength in times of trouble and dismay. I ask this day for Your strength to be upon those who serve this country and an extra measure of that strength for those families left behind. I thank you for those who have given sacrifices beyond what they were called to give and I pray your Peace and Love for them today!

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Recently my husband and I were a part of a Christian Growth conference in Leavenworth, KS. WOW! That is the first thing that comes to my mind. We went with sessions in order and after months of preparation felt we had what the Lord wanted us to share. We were ready to share ‘in season and out’ the good news of the Word of God.

We shared our testimony, poured our hearts out and taught two sessions with men and women in different groups. I was blessed in being able to share testimony in song and then the Pastor…who I call Chaplain Sam (retired though he is, he is still a Chaplain to me) gave the floor to the church family. They begin to stand up and share their testimonies for all to hear.

We were blown away at the love and the real way in which that church family loved on us through their personal testimony and through their encouragement to us.

Richard and I want to say, “Thank you!” to the precious Rock of Ages church . We were so humbled by the example of Christian service that was so evident in all you do. We were so humbled by the outreach to the community through meals on wheels, VA or dormitory outreach. We were so humbled by dear Chaplain Sam and his beautiful wife Linda as they ministered to all who were there.

We went preparing to give what the Lord had given to us to share and once again, the Lord was giving back to us many times over what He had for us to glean from this wonderful family of God.

Love you Bob and Christy, Darlene, Donna and Jerry, Nancy and Barry, CJ and Ernie, Retha and Bill ,Herschel and his lovely wife, John, Chaplain Sam and Linda and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many others!!! You have blessed us far beyond what we could have hoped or imagined and we are praying for you as you continue to serve the Lord in such a powerful way!!!

We thank our God upon every remembrance of you!

Thank you and bless you!!!

Carol and Richard

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Have a wonderful long weekend! Hopefully most of you will get an extra day!

Hebrews 4:10 says “For all who enter into God’s rest will find rest from their labors, just as God rested after creating the world.”

Rest in the Lord this weekend. Take a walk, visit a friend, oooooooo take a nap.
Worship Him on His day and give Him thanks for the blessings you have!

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Okay, look out…. I may be writing a long one today. First of all have not written one in a while and secondly have so much in my heart to write at this time.

I have just celebrated m 60th birthday. Quite a milestone many would say. To me, just a deep time of reflection on how blessed I have been throughout my life. Having parents who loved me more that I could ever imagine or understand at the time. Both of them showing me love for people and situations. Teaching me about God’s creation by spending memorable times on the lake fishing or walking in the woods and enjoying the crunching of the leaves.

I am so blessed to have my childhood sweetheart who married me, still in love with me and growing deeper in our love for each other as well as our faith in the Lord as time goes on. I can look back and see God’s plan in our lives during those years of dating and not dating and then dating again. Probably not the best plan for today’s standards but God knew what a mighty man of faith my husband would become and He knew the future and kept us coming back together through the years. Thank you Jesus!

My rebellion and sin is the only reason in my life that I was unsettled or unhappy or often miserable to say the least. It was my choice and my decision to not be in God’s Will. You see, I had accepted Jesus as my personal Savior very early on in my life without truly understanding just how much He loved me. I knew He was waiting and loved me and had compassion for me still even though he was displeased with my rebellion. You know why I knew that because I had the most wonderful example of loving, compassionate and often displeased parents who would put their arms around me in the toughest of times and let me know they were there for me and we would get through it together.

Yes, I am a blessed woman! God continues to keep me humble that I would not grow proud of myself but be able only to give Him the glory when those times arise. I am so thankful for the life journey I have had…..the good, the bad and ugly. I find myself sharing my life with others on a deeper level as I grow more mature and wiser. I know that God would never have me not encourage others in Him in their faith that they can say what a blessed life they have had when all is said and done.

I am first of all a woman in love with Jesus Christ ! I am secondly a woman in love with my husband! I am thirdly a woman in love with our sons who are our legacy in this physical life. I really get that now…did not during my early years. I want them to be so in love with Jesus that it will flow and glow and touch the lives of all who come in contact with them. We continue to pray for them every day that they will know the Truth and hold the Truth close to their hearts!

Lastly, I know at 60 years of age…I am not Perfect! Yes, I said it! That is why as time goes on my verse for my life still remains… “For I am confident of this very thing . That He who began a good work in you (me) will continue to perfect it until the day of His Coming!” Phil 1: 6 Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

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As I have said before there are so many wonderful things about the military life. One unexpected joy is getting to know the parents of those you befriend. When you are stationed so far away, often parents come and stay for a month or so to get in some real quality time.

For example, my Mother and Dad came for at least 2 months at a time when we were
stationed a day or more away. They would pack up their motor home and come to live with us for that time. My Dad would have fish frys? on the side porch and all the kids in the neighborhood would come by and eat his famous fish and hush puppies. He would sit for hours with me in the front yard watching all the children and talking to the Mothers who walked by. He would pitch the ball for hours as they played catch with him. My Mother would go for walks with me and take the kids to the park. As our sons became teens Oma and Opa as they were known became a very important part of those friends’ lives also. Dad would teach them how to play card games and Mother would cook for anyone who came over. They were very much a part of our lives as we traveled around the world and always joined in at each and every place we lived.

We had the pleasure and honor of befriending deeply a mother of one of our military friends. We first met her in Yongsan, S. Korea. I soon learned that she was coming from Australia where she had just visited and was actually a native of Australia before marrying her American husband. Our friends explained that she was beginning to lose her hearing due to circumstances beyond her control. I remember how she would watch and laugh as our then teenagers would provide antics of silliness and she would laugh and love us through her smiles.

As the years went on, the Lord had our dear friends settle in what we thought to be at the time our final home on this earth after the military (we have moved 4 times since and will be moving our 5th very soon) . Soon after their move , their mother/ mother-in-law settled in that same city with us. Oh , the times we had. How she loved to cook for us and with us. How she loved to sit and laugh with us and at us as we shared family times together.

Mrs. Anita Sherrill also taught me so much about life. I used to tell her that I wanted to be like her when I grow up. She had such a positive spirit about her ALWAYS! She taught me patience as she had lost her hearing completely and we would sit for hours with the TDD or pen and paper in hand communicating with her. She would answer with that wonderful Australian accent and tell stories of times gone by.

She would always say, “You kids go have fun.” She never made you feel guilty if you had to leave or if you had anything else on the schedule. (I have so tried to emulate that characteristic through the years)

She always called my Richard the HH which stood for Handsome Husband and she always said in her letters or emails or faxes…tell the HH hello and give him a hug.
The most amazing thing about this relationship is that Anita became best friends especially with my Dad because they were both such joksters but also with my Mother. What a joy that friends we consider as family extended over to our beloved parents.

This is a lot of words that I know are not very interesting to most who would read it but it is my way right now of working through a loss in my life. It is a void in my heart that is there and I will be remembering the wonderful times with Anita until the day I am called to be with the Lord and be reunited with her.

So, Anita, this is my way of saying how very much I loved you. I want to thank you dear friend for all the laughter and the great food and the hugs and everything that went along with who you were to others on this earth. The McGlothlin family will miss you dearly. I know you and Dad are having a great time catching up in the presence of the Lord!!


2 Corinthians 2:15 “For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.”

Thank you Anita for your sweet fragrance in our lives!

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